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Based in New York City, College Code works at the intersection of education, workforce development, and leadership supporting students, early career pros, and practitioners. Our MISSION is to equip leaders for excellence in college and career. Our core VALUES, Leadership, Learning, Community & Inclusion, drive our work and partnerships.



  • To provide educational and career support that helps students and early career professionals reach their fullest potential through our suite of consulting, training, and coaching services
  • To deliver exceptional, customized coaching and advising to diverse students and early career professionals
  • To support and develop the nextgen of diverse, inclusive leaders committed to progress.

  • To provide career awareness and deliver best practices for college success and career readiness through practitioner train-the-trainer programs.


  • Only 4 in 10 U.S. College Students Feel Well-Prepared for Their Future Careers; Perceptions of Preparedness Vary Widely By Gender - McGraw Hill

  • Students are seeking additional help in preparing for their careers, with 51 percent indicating they would like more internships and professional experiences. - McGraw Hill

  • Employers and graduating seniors differed greatly when it came to rating proficiency in competencies such as professionalism/work ethic, oral/written communications, and leadership as students considered themselves much more proficient than did employers. - NACE

  • Fewer than half of students report feeling they've gained the critical skills needed to transition to the workforce, skills like solving complex problems (43 percent), resume writing (37 percent), interviewing (34 percent) and job searching (31 percent). - McGraw Hill


Chelsea C. Williams is the Founder & Career Strategist of College Code, a leadership consultancy based in New York City. She is a respected bridge builder and connector on a mission to help people reach their personal best through transformative experiences. Chelsea has supported mission-driven organizations as far as Sydney, Australia that advance education, workforce development, and leadership. She is also a Senior Consultant at JBC where she advises global organizations on building and implementing inclusion and diversity strategies. Chelsea started her career on Wall Street.

Chelsea is a graduate of Spelman College where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She is an active member of the Jackie Robinson Foundation Alumni Association, the New York Chapter of Education Pioneers, and the Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 


College Code was featured in the Small Business Spotlight at WCBS Newsradio 880, New York, for a conversation on generations in the workplace. Given our support of GenZ talent nationwide, we provided perspective on the importance of understanding generational differences in building stronger teams and ultimately propel business growth.

College Code Founder, Chelsea Williams was featured in the October 2019 Best Practices for the National Association of College and Employers. She shares the importance of creating DEI strategies that support early career hires for more productive, engaged, and innovative employees.



I would be remiss if I didn't first acknowledge what a privilege it was for me to personally meet Chelsea at our annual Presidential Leadership Summit. I immediately felt connected to her and was blown away by the care that she showed our students throughout the weekend. Aside from the excitement of meeting her, I was blown away by her presentation and the attention she gave to every individual that she came in contact with. Throughout the conference, students had the opportunity to schedule individual coaching sessions with Chelsea. Word about how impactful those sessions were spread like wildfire and before we knew it, sessions were booked and students were downstairs at 7 AM just hoping for a chance to meet her. Thank you Chelsea for your commitment to the comprehensive (mind, body, soul) well being of people. 


Valencia Warren, Deputy Director,

National Campus Leadership Council

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